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September 11th, 2012:

Appeal for ordinary union members to speak about why they will be “Marching for a Future That Works”

TUC Media Officer, Time Lezard writes: 

Greetings! As October 20th fast approaches, I am looking for people who would be prepared to help the South West TUC with some media requests for case studies.

Journalists are likely to be looking for people to interview about why they are marching, and I’m sure you understand when I say they would prefer interviewing ‘real’ people with jobs rather than trade union officials. Alternatively, if you know of someone who has recently lost their job as a result of the cuts and is going on the march, I’m sure journalists would be happy to hear their story too.

I am looking for union members in all regions who will be travelling to London on the 20th and would be happy to talk to the media. 

It is unlikely to be a huge commitment, with probably just one interview in which they are asked why they are marching and what effect the cuts are having on them, both personally and professionally. It’s possible, though, that some broadcast journalists might also want to speak to people on or after the day itself.

I am happy to give media tips to any volunteers who might be lacking in confidence to speak to the media, and try to convince them that journalists are nice people really.

Ideally, I’d like to build up an database of marchers’ jobs, where they live and where they work work so I can easily reply to specific journalist requests and ‘match’ them up to a suitable local person.

As such, please feel free to pass on the details of as many volunteers as you can find, as the more voices that make their way into the mainstream media the better for the movement.

I can be contacted at lezard[at]

In solidarity,

Tim Lezard
Media officer for the South West TUC